Day In Life Weekend Edition

I have always enjoyed reading day in life posts on the internet. Time to do one of my own! This is the recap of today (aka Sunday).

8:00 am: time to start the day. After having a few weeks of hectic schedule (school +social events), I more than needed all the sleep! Good to get >8 hours of sleep last night.

8:30 am: breakfast is served!


2 pieces of organic blueberry waffles with cashew butter and a mug of Starbucks coffee with almond milk. Eaten while browsing the internet.

9:30 am: still a little hungry after breakfast- ate an apple.

9:45 am: clean my room

10:30 am: catch up on Youtube videos. The SNL parody of Donald Trump‘s leaked comments are so on point. I nearly died watching it.

11:00 am: snacked a handful of almonds (I guess today is a hungry day).

11:15 am: played a new game on my Kindle Fire called WORDBRAIN. Pretty addicting. I just finished spider level.

11:30 am: doing some meal planning for next week. Will be making this 2-ingredient BBQ chicken recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

12:00 pm: cook lunch. I bought this pumpkin and sage ravioli on a whim last time I went to Stop and Shop. Excited for fall and all the pumpkin flavored everything! I served it simple with just some olive oil and pepper. With a fried egg on the side.


1:00 pm: reading Micheal Pollan’s In Defense of Food. A good reading about eating real food and not things that are highly processed “food mimics.” I am, though, a fan of fake meat as a former vegetarian.

2:30 pm: went grocery shopping and restocked on yogurt (going full fat after reading In Defense of Food), soy milk and picked up several ingredients on the recipes I am going to try this week.

4:00 pm: played a new board game with friends- ended up losing but it was fun and lots of thinking! It was such a lot game! We played for 4 hours straight!!! I was starving by the end.

8:00 pm: good thing I dumped all the ingredients for the BBQ chicken in my slow cooker before I left to play the board game. So dinner was already made (kinda) when I got back from playing. Also baked some pull apart garlic dinner rolls from Buzzfeed Tasty. It is my first time trying a Tasty recipe after watching so many videos and wanting to try all of them. I can report that it was a success!


9:10 pm: went back to friend’s place to watch the presidential debate and brought along my garlic rolls. So many feelings during the debate and I will refrain from too much politics here.

11:00 pm: called parents, typing up this post

11:30 pm: time to go shower and lights out soon (ideally before midnight)!





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