Stuff I Ate When Traveling Around

Long time no see! I really should be better at this blogging thing. But it wasn’t even part of my new year resolution (I don’t have a NYR lol), so I guess I’ve already considered myself as helpless…

I have, however, always loved reading “stuff I ate” posts on other blogs. Because it is hard to blog everyday, 3 meals a day, lumping all the food together is just so awesome. So these are some of the things I ate that I cared to take a photo of, dating back to January when I went to Atlanta and Chicago.

When I was in Atlanta in January, we of course had to go to Flying Biscuit. It was crazy cold that day- the feel like temp was in the 10s and we had just spend 2 hours walking around. So no surprise I was so COLD!! The restaurant was crazy busy at the time and instead of waiting for another 20 minutes out in the cold, we sat at the bar, which was fun for people watching. As soon as we sat down, I got a big mug of hot chocolate to warm myself up. Warm drinks and sugar- I was saved! My parents got the shrimp and grits and more traditional Southern affairs and I felt the corn cakes was calling my name. However, it wasn’t what I imagined. I thought it was going to be something that is fried, but instead it is a mushy patty of black beans, corn and spices. Sort of like a mushy veggie burger patty… And so much raw onions! I took bites of my parents’ shrimp and grits and would say those are definitely the things to get at this place! I should have known better. The biscuits though, very good!


More Atalanta adventures included walking along the Belt Line and stopping for lunch at the Ponce City Market. I was craving good burgers and glad to find H&F burger there. The line wasn’t long, but it took a decent 20-30 minutes of wait to get our food prepared. We got both the cheeseburger ($12 double patty) and the Mighty Junior ($7 single patty). The burgers are a bit pricy, but i really really liked the buttered buns and just how juicy and fatty the burger is. Their homemade mustard and ketchup are a must try- just taste so much fresher than the store bought stuff. Burger craving satisfied!

Switching gears to Chicago.


What’s better than ramen for dinner on a cold Chicago night? We went to Ramen Misoya that is only a block away from our hotel. Though the broth is a bit on the sweeter side for me, I inhaled my ramen anyways.

And how could we visit Chicago and not get a Chicago style hot dog or deep dish pizza? The hot dog was from Portillo’s and we also tried their Italian beef sandwich- so good, so much meat!!! For deep dish pizza, i never know which restaurant to go to since people always have very strong opinions. There was a Giodano’s near our hotel so we went there. FYI: it takes 45 mins from ordering till the pizza is served. So we shared a salad while waiting but it might have been a bad decision because it made me too full for pizza… I only fitted one slice of the deep dish inside me that night.

That’s it for today! Definitely not healthy eats while on vacation, but isn’t that part of the fun?


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